Schumacher's '5th gear only' astonishing drive in Spain


On this day in 1994, Michael Schumacher pulled off the stunning feat of racing his Benetton to second place in the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona despite a severe gearbox failure.

In the midst of the first round of pit stops, Schumacher’s car developed a gear-selection problem that progressively worsened and stripped its transmission of all gears but fifth.

Somehow, the German managed to pit and rejoin in the lead without stalling, working miracles thereafter with his crippled gearbox.

During the following 20 laps, a three-way rotation ensued up front between McLaren's Mika Hakkinen, Williams' Damon Hill and Schumacher as pit stop strategies unfolded.

The former eventually retired, leaving Hill to conquer the laurels in front of Schumacher.

At the post-race press conference, the British driver - who was under the impression he had beaten his opponent fair and square - gazed over at Schumacher with incredulity as his rival explained his tormented race.

To this day, the 1994 Spanish Grand Prix is generally regarded as Schumacher's greatest drive.