Harry is the real winner of the Spanish GP!

Lewis Hamilton's fans are legion and spread all over the world, but when little Harry Shaw from Redhill, Surrey, sent the five-time world champion a good luck message for Barcelona from his hospital bed on social media, the Mercedes driver took note.

Hamilton dedicated his Spanish Grand Prix win to five-year-old Harry who suffers from a rare form of terminal cancer.

"Harry, you don’t know how much this message means to me buddy," Hamilton replied before Sunday's race, calling the little boy his 'spirit angel'.

"Thank you so much, you are my inspiration today Harry. I will try to make you proud."

Not only did Lewis make Harry proud by collecting his 76th win in Barcelona, Mercedes also had a special treat for the brave young supporter.

On Monday, the team flew one of its cars over to Harry's home along with Ham's winning trophy!

"I don't know Lewis, but I think what we've seen is what a genuine, decent, lovely person he is," said James Shaw, Harry's father as they gazed at the gleaming Silver Arrow.

"That was a heartfelt message he did and he won that Grand Prix for Harry and that means a lot."

"It's brought smiles into his life at a time when there's a limited amount of fun to be had, to be perfectly honest," added Charlotte, Harry's mother.

"It's so special to see Harry enjoying himself."

Harry Shaw and Hamilton's kindness and compassion were no doubt the real winners of Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix.