Hamilton races the pros at Gran Turismo World Finals


The "FIA GT Championships" 2019 Series World Finals kicked off yesterday in Monaco, with Lewis Hamilton in attendance at the popular sim racing event.

The six-time F1 world champion is notoriously reluctant to spend time in his Mercedes team's simulator at Brackley.

But on Friday, Hamilton-the-amateur gladly participated in a Pro-Am exhibition race around Spa-Francorchamps in which he was paired with reigning Gran Turismo Nations Cup champion Igor Fraga.

Hamilton and Fraga finished a deserving third in a race won by Motorsport F1 reporter Jon Noble and Florent Pagandet.

In Monaco, Gran Turismo also unveiled a single gale mode that allows players to challenge a series of best times personally set by Hamilton at ten different tracks!

Fancy taking a shot at the Maestro? The Lewis Hamilton Time Trial Challenge will be available from November 28.