Hailing from Liechtenstein but trailing in F1

A who, what, where query on this picture would at first glance prompt a response placing Mike Hailwood in a Brabham in 1974 but that would be getting only part of the riddle right.

F1 connoisseurs will have indeed recognized a Brabham BT44 at the Belgian Grand Prix at Nivelles in 1974.

The driver? Not 'Mike the Bike', but journeyman Rikky von Opel who had obviously borrowed Hailwood's helmet.

Despite being born in New York on this day in 1974, the great grandson of the founder of the Opel automotive company was the only F1 driver to hail from the lovely Alpine micro-state of Liechtenstein.

Rikky enjoyed ten race starts in his short career in F1, running with Ensign in 1973 before undertaking - or buying - four races with Brabham the following year, with little to show unfortunately for his costly efforts.