F1's royal couple enjoys a night out at the movies


It's a heartwarming picture and one that conjures up memories from a bygone era.

For over a decade, Jackie and Helen Stewart were Formula 1's iconic couple, living in the limelight of the F1 legend's success.

Motorsport's royal couple departed the fast lane a long time ago, but the affection and class Sir Jackie and Lady Helen embodied back in the day remains intact.

Sadly, the moment depicted here - a quiet night out at the movies enjoyed by the couple this week - is also a reminder of the ordeal they face on a daily basis due to Lady Helen battling dementia.

It's a personal story for the three-time F1 world champion, but one that resonates through society for the Scot who founded the 'Race Against Dementia', a global charity that funds and supports pioneering research into the prevention and cure of dementia.