Leclerc cooks up a classic with Ferrari 312 'spaghetti'


Charles Leclerc knows a mean dish of pasta when he sees it, but when the Monegasque was recently offered a chance to sample Ferrari's classic 312 F1 'Spaghetti' at Fiorano, he pulled off his bib and put on his overalls.

Ferrari's classic 312 F1, born in 1967 but which sprouted a wing in 1968 was nicknamed 'Spaghetti' for its intertwined white exhaust system that sat atop the car's glorious V60° 12-cylinder engine.

As a big fan of the Scuderia's historic war horses who often samples the Italian outfit's venerable machines, Leclerc was entrusted with the recently restored 312 F1 by its proud owner for a few flyers at Ferrari's test track.


"I am very happy to have had this opportunity," said Charles after shaking down the ex-Jacky Ickx and Chris Amon machine.

"Going from my current F1-75 to this 312 F1 is like switching to a whole different sport, although the excitement you get from driving any Ferrari is always the same.

"But I really enjoyed everything about this Spaghetti."