Tsunoda reports for clean-up duty in Faenza

In normal circumstances, F1 drivers lead a relatively leisurely life in between races.

Despite the cancellation of this weekend's Emilia Romagna GP, Yuki Tsunoda still reported for duty at AlphaTauri's headquarters in Faenza, located in the heart of the devastated Emilia Romagna region.

Tsunoda's team had its own issues to contend with, but the Japanese driver and several team members made it a point of volunteering their time and efforts to assist the local community in the aftermath of the extreme weather and flooding that hit the region this week.

"After a horrible night the town is heavily impacted: dust, mud, and the smell of gasoline everywhere," Tsundoa wrote on Twitter.

"Currently people are struggling to find food and especially places to stay after many have been evacuated from their own homes. Please anything you can do is appreciated."

And Tsunoda set an example by going above and beyond as he lent a helping hand.

Well done Yuki!