A final farewell to motorsport’s single Triple Crown winner


On this day in 1975, a somber mood enveloped St Albans Abbey in Hertfordshire as over 2000 people gathered to pay their respects to the late two-time F1 World Champion Graham Hill.

An additional 2000 mourners stood outside the abbey, their presence a testament to the profound impact Hill had on the world of motorsport.

Among the pallbearers was fellow racing legend Jackie Stewart, who stood alongside Hill's family and friends as they bid farewell to a true icon.

Just a week prior, Hill's life was tragically cut short when the plane he was piloting crashed in heavy fog on a Hertfordshire golf course.

Hill, along with five other members of the Embassy Hill team, including young hopeful Tony Brise, was returning from a test session at the Paul Ricard circuit in France. None of the occupants survived the devastating crash.

Despite the circumstances surrounding his death, Graham Hill's legacy lives on. His name is etched in the annals of Formula 1 history, and his contributions to the sport are immeasurable.

This legacy was further upheld by his son, Damon Hill, who became a Formula 1 world champion in 1996, the first son of an F1 title holder to achieve the highest honour in Grand Prix racing.