Lewis Hamilton: A legacy of fatherly support and family love

Lewis Hamilton begins a new trip around the sun on this day and will have likely blown out 39 candles by the end of it.

While Hamilton’s outstanding track record in F1 is his own, the seven-time world champion has always made it a point of highlighting the crucial role played in his kife by his father Anthony, a stalwart figure in his career.

Working multiple jobs to fund his son’s racing pursuits during his formative years, Anthony Hamilton imparted not only a love for the sport but also resilience and determination.

The journey from Stevenage to the Formula 1 podiums was arduous, but Anthony's encouragement, coupled with his relentless work ethic, moulded Lewis into the legend he is today.

Hamilton’s success is a testament not just to his individual prowess, but to the enduring influence of a father's sacrifices and unwavering belief in a dream that has become a reality.

But behind every successful man is a strong woman, and Lewis had two: his mother Carmen and his mother-in-law Linda who have always been there in the tough and good times, along with Lewis’ brother Nicolas.

In the picture here-above, a 15-year-old Hamilton is celebrated by his loved ones at the European and world karting championships in Italy.

Happy birthday Lewis!