The best driver never to win a Grand Prix

©Cahier Archive

©Cahier Archive

Regardless of his winless record, Chris Amon must be considered as one of the greatest drivers of all time. But for bad luck, Chris matched many of the more universally credited greats. He was the moral victor of many races.

One of his greatest drives was the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa in 1970. Armed with the overrated March 701, Amon dueled it out with Pedro Rodriguez' BRM, hanging on to his powerful rival and finishing second, mere feet from the Mexican.

A few weeks earlier, Amon had walked away from a works McLaren drive at Indianapolis, unable to come to terms with the Speedway's dangerous concrete-lined environment.

Yet at Spa, shortly after, he was undaunted by the prospect of racing flat-out through the perilous Masta kink and around a track where trees, farms and cows were the first foreign objects to be encountered in the event of a mishap!

That was Chris. RIP.

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