Mercedes not playing the blaming game insists Wolff

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Toto Wolff was taken to task by F1 fans during a Q&A session on Twitter as the Mercedes executive elaborated once again on the team's huge Monaco strategy fail and Lewis Hamilton's subsequent loss of victory.

While Hamilton admitted the ill-fated call to pit under the safety car was a collegial decision between driver and team, Wolff ultimately absolved the driver from any responsibility .

“We told him to stay out and Lewis said 'not good' and that the tyres had lost temperature. We had one second to react and, combined with our wrong timing data, we made the mistake of calling him in.”

Toto Wolff reiterated the fact that given the data submitted to the team's interpretation, Mercedes believed it had just the right margin to call in Hamilton and mount a fresh set of super soft rubber.

"We believed we could make a free stop to cover risk of cars behind on Super Soft tyres, but unfortunately our data was wrong. You need the right balance between data and gut feeling. Our tools told us we had the gap but they were wrong."

Asked if anyone within the German outfit had been held accountable for Sunday's blunder, Wolff said this had not been the case. “Absolutely not. We're a World Championship team and we are not playing a blame game based on a single race.”

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