Stroll happy with clean day and solid running


Williams' Lance Stroll didn't put a foot wrong Wednesday afternoon as he took to the track for the first time since damaging the team's FW40 last week.

It was a busy schedule for the Grove-based outfit which continues to catch up on last week's lost mileage.

"I am quite happy with the afternoon and pleased with the morning watching Felipe do some solid running," said the young Canadian;

"I think it was a good day. As a team we got a lot of laps in, so we have a lot of positives to take out of today.

"We did some short runs, and tried some different compounds. I went to the softer compounds today. I tried the supersofts but still have the ultrasoft remaining that I haven’t tried. It was good to get a feel for them for the first time."

Stroll admitted it was all about working through the team's designated programmes today and not a search for performance.

"I am not really focussed on laptimes, as it is testing and we are exploring a lot of different things on the car and trying to move forward.

"I am just happy with getting some good running in, trying some stuff on the car and moving in the right direction. That is what we are focusing on over these few days, and so far so good."

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