The 'shark fin' will remain a fixture... for now

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Formula 1 fans don't like them but they'll have to get used to the now ubiquitous 'shark fins' which adorn the rear of this year's new-spec cars.

Many were hoping for the impending demise following comments from F1 sporting director Ross Brawn. But their removal , along with the T-wing appendages, would require unanimity up and down the pitlane, a rare feat in F1.

"Next year, I think there is quite a good chance that that [ban] will be done because quite a few people feel that they are a bit of an unsightly thing," said FIA race director Charlie Whiting.

"I personally don't have anything against them, but it was something that was always going to be possible. I think the reaction of everybody probably wasn't expected."

According to Whiting, the FIA will be checking the T-wings in Melbourne to ensure they comply with flexibility tests.

Their strength came under question in Barcelona with the components apparently bending thanks to high cornering forces

Whiting also said F1 will take a decision next month about the introduction in 2018 of the controversial Halo system, and confirmed rumours that DRS zones may actually be extended later in 2017.

"After China we will understand if we need to respond," he said.

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