Baku gets apologies from Chase Carey for disparaging remarks


Formula One Group CEO Chase Carey phoned Baku promoter Arif Rahimov to apologize for negative comments made earlier this year by Liberty Media boss Greg Maffei.

Speaking on the subject of adding new races to Formula 1's calendar, Maffei  underlined the necessity for the sport to cater to venues which add value, citing the Azerbaijan Grand Prix  as an event which "pays a big race free but does nothing to build the long term brand and help the business."

Baku's Rahimov countered the disparaging remarks, saying  Maffei had been 'ignorant', a claim supported by F1bos Chase Carey.

"I have spoken to Chase," explained Rahimov.

"It was about a different topic but this had to be brought up, and we kind of realised that it was not everyone who shared this opinion.

"He [Carey] was apologetic about what happened, he really sounded like he completely disagreed with what had been said.

"He was really upset about the situation and that it was brought to this level. It was good to hear from Chase that he didn't share the opinion.

"I think we are finished with it, and will just get on and show everyone who has not been to the race that we are doing a great job and it will be a great race."

Baku currently has a 10-year contract with F1 which includes a break-off clause whihc can be activated after five years.

"He is really excited about the race," Rahimov added.

"He really wants to come and see the race, and that he has heard a lot of good things.

"He feels we are a strategic partner to F1, and he really wants to keep the race.

"It was a good talk we had over the phone and it was good to know that not everyone is sharing the opinion of Greg Maffei in F1."

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