Sauber winding up for mid-field battle - Zander

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Sauber tech boss Jorg Zander believes the Swiss outfit has the means and resources to fight with the mid-field runners this year.

Sauber came close to closing shop last year before investor Longbow Finance was brought in to save the Hinwill-based team by providing a much-needed influx of cash and financial stability.

As it continues to consolidate its foundation, the squad aims to move up the ranks to join the tight mid-field battle, an ambition in line with its assets and resources says Jorg Zander.

"I think we have actually quite a good budget, so we have all opportunity that you can find in other midfield teams to do a decent development and cover those development processes," explains Sauber's technical director.

"So, from that perspective, I think we are not too badly adjusted at all. The way I see Sauber is actually, from the point of talent level, actually quite good.

"We have very experienced people, people have a good talent, they are very competent."

Zander, whose own experience includes stints with BMW, Audi, Toyota and Honda, believes one of Sauber's main strengths is precisely the quality of its human resources.

"They have been in the sport for a long time, so I think you may want to look into the economic side of things, which are really decent, but you have to look from a human resource point of view as well, what kind of quality level of human resource do you have available for your developments.

"I think Sauber is actually placed very well in that regard."
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