Red Bull's Dietrich Mateschitz reveals his ultimate F1 dream

Dietrich Mateschitz reveals his ultimate F1 dream
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Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz feels for Max Verstappen following the young charger's recent unlucky run.

Verstappen has retiredย  from four of the last six races, through no fault of his own and his employer fully understands his driver's frustrations.

"Almost everything that can happen to him has happened to him this season," Mateschitz said at the Red Bull Ring.

"Max is unique and a strong personality. He is courageous, charismatic and despite his young age very disciplined, purposeful and determined.

"His overtaking is incredible and yet he's always in control. That is pure class."

For all Mateschitz's praise, the Austrian billionaire also has a dream involving the 19-year-old prodigy.

"Do you know what my ultimate dream is in formula one? That Max is the youngest world champion in history with Red Bull. We have two more years to achieve that goal."ย 

After that, the controversial 'power unit' engine era will be ending, and Mateschitz says it is crucial for the sport that independent suppliers are able to join F1 in the future.

And if Red Bull is not happy with the post-2020 engine rules, Mateschitz says he could quit.

"Yes! But this is not just for Red Bull, but for the future of formula one," he said.

"You only get exciting races if there is competition. Just two drivers from one team fighting for victory is lethal to the sport, but only two teams competing is not much better," said Mateschitz.

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