Ferrari considering an engine supply to McLaren!

Mclaren Ferrari Engine Deal
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A story from Italy claims that McLaren executives have apparently put in a request to Ferrari, asking Maranello to consider a possible engine deal for next season with the Woking-based outfit.

We've heard this one before, and indeed our F1i's April Fool's story this year was based on such a scenario, albeit with Alfa Romeo promoted as the branded supplier.

Uncertainty still surrounds the fate of McLaren's current partnership with Honda after three massively disappointing years of underperformance.

McLaren's Zak Brown, while hoping for the Japanese manufacturer's resurgence, has said that all options are on the table, with crunch time nearing with regard to deciding the team's direction for next season.

Veteran journalist Pino Allievi, a man respected by all in the paddock, wrote in the Gazetta dello Sport that McLaren has inquired about a potential supply of Ferrari engines for 2018, with Ferrari's response still pending.

While such a deal between Formula 1's greatest rivals would have been inconceivable a few years ago, Allievi contends that it is now possible, and it would also bring Fernando Alonso back into the picture.

If Alonso can't return to the Scuderia Ferrari team, the second best thing could be a Ferrari-powered McLaren for next season.

From a commercial stand-point, a McLaren-Ferrari tie-up seems unlikely however.

McLaren has now become a successful car-maker of its own, catering to the high-end luxury brand market, which is also Ferrari's turf. It's hard to factor in the Italian manufacturer's interest in eventually working with its supercar competitor.

But stranger things have been known to happen. If there is a mutual will, there will be a way...

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