Still too early to judge Stroll - Prost

Lance Stroll
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F1 legend Alain Prost believes it is premature to judge Williams rookie Lance Stroll, suggesting ratings will be in order at the end of the season or next year.

The 18-year-old Canadian faced a hard blowing wind when he kicked off his campaign in Melbourne, with critics firing from all directions, doubting the young driver's ability to perform at the highest level after a series of mishaps.

But a points-scoring finish in his home race in Montreal, followed by an impeccable drive in Baku silenced the nitpickers.

"He was being criticised even before he started," Prost told Le Journal de Montreal.

"I said before the season that it would be difficult for him to manage his age and his inexperience.

"It's true that he has tested in the 2014 car, but he has had so much to learn, especially this year with these faster cars.

"But when you know F1," Prost explained, "you know how difficult it is to get started.

"Look at Stoffel Vandoorne. He was considered one of the greatest hopefuls and he has had difficulties since the very beginning.

"But he's going to get better and better, and it's the same for Lance," added the four-time world champion.

Prost, an advisor for Renault's F1 programme, thinks the biggest pressure on Stroll came from his

'rich kid' image, inadvertently fueled by his father, billionaire fashion mogul Lawrence Stroll.

"It put extra pressure on him," Prost said. "And I think that's a pity, because without a minimum amount of talent, he would not be in F1.

"We have to give him time. Where we can judge is in his results by the end of the year and especially next year. His progress. Today, it is still too early."

"At the moment, he's not doing badly," said the famous Frenchman.

"Honestly, in Baku, I looked at his race and he was one of the only drivers not to make a mistake."

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