Make promotional duties part of F1 Superlicence - Zak Brown

F1 Live London

McLaren executive Zak Brown suggests that an F1's driver's superlicence should include a minimum number of promotional obligations for the sport.

In light of Lewis Hamilton's recent flagrant absence from the F1 Live London promotional event which took place before the British GP two weeks ago, many believe the Brit's presence should have been enforced.

Hamilton was the odd man out in London, remaining on holiday in Greece while  all of his colleagues were in attendance at Trafalgar Square for the showcase event.

A mandatory presence at a minimum number of events such as the London happening could be made part of a driver's superlicence , says Brown.

"I am of the view that when the drivers get their superlicence in the future, that part of the superlicence is that they give x amount of in-market and y amount of out of market appearances to F1 Group," Brown told

"F1 can then package up and offer this to promoters and cities, because at the end of the day we all live, we all make a living off the fans.

"Whether we are paid to go to an event or indirectly, the fans fuel this sport, and we need to make the necessary investments to make sure the fan base continues to do that."

Brown praised Liberty Media's London initiative, and considers it a good example of the company's proactive approach to promote Formula 1.

"It was a great event," said Brown.

"There was a huge turnout, and it was great to see almost everyone there. I think it is an example of where Liberty have talked about 20 Super Bowls," he added.

"What the NFL does, they come into the town of the week of the event and they take over the city with fan engagement to a whole new level.

"That is exactly what London was. It is probably not achievable to do that in every market but maybe it could work on a rotational basis."

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