Power unit element usage for Hungary

FIA puts new limits on oil consumption in F1
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The Hungarian GP is the eleventh race of the 2017 season, and teams are starting to eat into their allowed inventory of power unit components.

As a reminder, under current regulations, drivers are permitted to use only four of each of the six elements that make up the power unit before grid penalties are imposed.

The first time a fifth element is used, a 10-place grid penalty will be imposed, with a five-place drop imposed the first time a fifth of any of the remaining elements is used.

The first time a sixth element is used, a 10-place grid penalty will be applied.

Looking at the allocation below, discarding McLaren which has blown way past its allowed number of elements, Ferrari, Haas and Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo are one element short of a grid penalty, while Renault's Jolyon Palmer is also at risk of a relegation.

Power Element Usage

Lewis Hamilton333322
Valtteri Bottas333322
Red Bull/TAG Heuer
Daniel Ricciardo445322
Max Verstappen334222
Sebastian Vettel343223
Kimi Räikkönen343222
Force India/Mercedes
Sergio Pérez222222
Esteban Ocon222222
Felipe Massa222222
Lance Stroll222212
Fernando Alonso688654
Stoffel Vandoorne477455
Toro Rosso/Renault
Daniil Kvyat334233
Carlos Sainz334323
Romain Grosjean343322
Kevin Magnussen343322
Nico Hülkenberg334333
Jolyon Palmer344233
Marcus Ericsson333322
Pascal Wehrlein333323


  • ICE: Internal Combustion Engine
  • TC: Turbo Charger
  • MGU-H: Motor Generator Unit – Heat
  • MGU-K: Motor Generator Unit – Kinetic
  • ES: Energy Store
  • CE: Control Electronics

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