Carey reveals interest from several cities for second US GP


Ever since taking the helm of Formula 1, Chase Carey has expressed his intention of adding a second Grand Prix in the US.

F1's current calendar includes a US GP at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, but The Formula One Group ambitions to bring the sport to a what Carey has labeled 'destination cities' in America. 

"Traditionally I think I've usually said four: New York, Miami, L.A. and Vegas," Carey said.

"They're illustrative. I don't think we want to be engaging these discussions in public. We have interest from each of those.

"We have interest from more than one in a number of them, but I think we're not going to publicly play people against each other."

As Carey plays his cards close to his chest, F1's boss insists any agreement linked to a second venue in the United States will necessarily have to include all the right ingredients.

And any discussions will always take place behind closed doors.

"We want to find the right platform with the right partners, the right opportunity, the right place and the right type of event that will capture peoples' imagination.

"I think the right way to go about that is to have these discussions. We want them to be real partners, we're not just looking to do a deal.

"We really want to have a partnership where we're engaged. These events are a face to the sport, and I think it's important we have an event that represents what makes this sport special.

"So we want to be thoughtful about it and find the right partners in the right places and the right opportunity."

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