Johansson: 'Alonso should stay with McLaren one more year'


Former F1 driver Stefan Johansson believes Fernando Alonso should exercise patience and remain with McLaren-Honda for another season.

Johansson, a veteran of 79 Grands Prix and a keen observer of motorsport's affairs, says the Spanish driver's very limited F1 options for 2018 and the prospect of Honda improving should lead the two-time world champion to stay put next season.

"It looks difficult for anyone at the top end of the driver market to move much in the current situation," Johansson said in an interview on his website.

"If Alonso were to leave McLaren, where would he go? I doubt neither Mercedes or Ferrari have a seat open for him, Red Bull is already full.

"In my opinion it would be better to stay patient one more year with McLaren as I still believe they will eventually get it right rather than go with any of the options that are left of which only Renault would make any sense.

"If McLaren were to ditch Honda and go with a different engine, I think Hungary already showed that they will be a serious contender almost right away."

"There are only two obvious teams for anyone who wants to move and the chances a seat will open in either of them are very small in my opinion."

The Swede who raced for both McLaren and Ferrari in his career also rated Valtteri Bottas' performance to date with Mercedes. 

"I think Bottas has done a phenomenal job," he says.

"He’s certainly keeping Lewis on his toes and there seems to be good harmony in the team.

"The love fest is still going on between the team and the drivers, which Lewis showed by doing the honorable thing in Hungary in letting Bottas by in the last corner which was agreed at some point in the middle of the race.

"I can’t for a moment think he would have done the same for Rosberg. That’s 3 points left on the table which could very well mean win or lose the championship at the end of the season."

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