FIA set to impose 'Halo' in Formula 2 in 2018

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Formula 2 will be the next recipient of the controversial 'Halo' cockpit safety device when it is made mandatory in the junior series next season. 

Motorsport's governing body has imposed the 'Halo' from 2018 in Formula 1 and is looking to implement the device at the lower echelons of the sport.

Formula 2 will unveil its next-generation car in Pirelli's fitting area at Monza on Thursday, and the machine will be equipped with a 'halo' device, albeit an interim version as homologation procedures are ongoing.

"It was always in our minds that, as we do for most things, you go to F1 first – you go to one of the world championships first because this is where we do the R&D most of the time," Mekies told RACER.

"And then we have the cascading of what we develop into other categories and it normally comes one, two or three years after.

"It allows us to handle the introduction of new things and also sort the cost and availability of supply to cope with it. 

"So in all respects it's a very, very tight call," added Mekies.

"The president of the FIA [Jean Todt] pushed very hard on all of us to get fast deployment of the Halo because he felt there was nothing that should push us to protect the big guys [in F1] more than the other guys.

"Therefore we are trying to deploy as fast as possible, which is a good thing."

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