The Williams family stays home for the rest of 2017


The Williams F1 team will unfortunately be missing members of its eponymous family at the remaining races of the 2017 season.

Deputy team principal Claire Williams has scheduled a prolonged absence from the paddock as she is about to give birth to a baby boy, while Sir Frank will remain at the team's base.

"When I see how my family has changed, I miss that my parents are no longer here (at the F1 circuits)," said Claire.

"I grew up here and remember that Mum and Dad were always here, and now they're not anymore. It's just me."

While Sir Frank is doing well following a period of hospitalization due to illness, the legendary 75-year-old founder of the Grove-based outfit won't be attending the fly-way races, but will obviously continue to closely monitor the action, as usual.

"He is obsessed with motor sport," Claire Williams told the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

"His whole life always was and still is Formula 1. It is a pity he can no longer travel, but he still loves it as much as he did on the first day," she added.

Claire Williams will return to active duty after the new year, with her grit and determination to succeed intact despite another competitive mid-field battle likely facing Williams next season.

"Obviously there are teams that have done a much better job than we did in developing their cars. Even in the last one or two years F1 has changed so much," Williams explained.

"Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull with all their money, without cost controls, without new engine regulations, without new manufacturers -- there are just so many forces that are against us.

"But I will never let go of my dream of Williams winning again," she insisted.

"Because the moment you let that flame go out, just grab your things and go home. And I'm not here for that."

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