Verstappen: 'Daniel is fast, but I'm faster!'


Max Verstappen's outstanding talent is matched only by his self-confidence, with the young prodigy claiming that he is faster than his Red Bull team mate Daniel Ricciardo.

For all his speed and skill, Verstappen doesn't have much to show for it this season, having found himself on the receiving end of mechanical woes or unfortunate circumstances. 

It's all about his car's reliability he insists. 

"What can I do?" the 19-year-old told Auto Motor und Sport.

"I just have to see the positives of the season, which is qualifying. The speed is there. Even in the race I was always in good positions before I failed."

Verstappen denied claims that his reliability issues were perhaps rooted in his aggressive style behind the wheel.

"My approach is right, so why should I change something? I am fast," he said.

"We can see from the telemetry that I don't do anything wrong or different to Daniel. It's just funny that the problems on race day are always on my car."

Speaking of Daniel Ricciardo, the 19-year-old says he is somewhat consoled by the fact that he has demonstrated to be slightly faster than the Aussie in qualifying trim.

"Daniel was always known as a fast qualifier," he said.

"He is very fast. But I am faster this year by three or four tenths on average. That's a lot of time.

"I am very self-confident," he added.

"I am also honest and straightforward -- I do not lie. The only thing I want is a winning car."

Despite failing to reach his targets this season, Max Verstappen is still a happy Red Bull Racing driver. 

"In general the mood in the team is better and better," he said.

"In the corners we are close to the others, but often we use more downforce to compensate for our power deficit so it's hard to say exactly where we need to improve.

"Everything is in the right direction, but much of it is not in our hands. The car is our hands though and so that's what we have to make the most of."

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