Tilke foresees change to Yas Marina to improve overtaking


Formula 1's resident track designer Hermann Tilke says the Yas Marina layout will likely receive a small change next year to help improve overtaking.

Sunday's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was void of any real battles, up and down the field, leaving spectators and fans to witness one of the worst races of the year.

"The race was not very spectacular," said Mercedes' Toto Wolff.

"The championship is over and that plays a role, but with the new regulations, these cars are incredibly difficult to overtake."

After the race, Tilke revealed that small changes are considered, with one corner in particular likely to be modified although he would not say which one.

"We have an idea to change one corner." he told Sky F1's Ted Kravitz.

"It’s a very small change by the way. But maybe it has a lot of impact. We are in discussion."

Tilke doubted however the track's layout was the main cause for the processional race, suggesting the cars also play a defining role.

"The fastest [car] was in front of the slower, you cannot overtake,"he said.

"So what to do. If it is lined up in this way, then what to do? When the faster car is in front and the slower car is behind, what to do?"

"It’s maybe the fault of the car and the fault of the circuit, maybe."

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