Bratches welcomes criticism of F1's new logo

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Formula 1's commercial boss Sean Bratches isn't holding the fans' criticism of the sport's new logo against them, quite the contrary.

As soon as the new design was revealed on the Abu Dhabi podium last weekend, it was picked apart by the fan community and by many members of the F1 community itself, including Lewis Hamilton.

Bratches admits however the blistering reaction to the controversial change was hardly a surprise to F1's management, but he also views the backlash as positive.

"These are difficult changes – as it is any time you change a corporate mark, and particularly one around a passion brand," Bratches told

"The incumbent mark has been around for decades and it served the sport well. But we have not gone into this light-heartedly, and we have given it a lot of thought.

"It seemed from my perspective and from the moment Chase [Carey] called me, it was one of the things I really wanted to look at.

"From my eye, it [the old logo] seemed to be dated, it seemed to not reflect where the sport could go.

F1's commercial boss believes the adverse initial response to the new logo was a clear indication of the importance bestowed upon it by the fan community.

"People have an opinion. And it is good people have an opinion because they care. And, as the caretakers of this sport and brand, we feel very strongly about it.

"And ultimately we will demonstrate to the marketplace that this brand will survive and thrive.

"We understand in any logo change, whether it is a small modification or wholesale, people are going to have varied opinion.

"And that is good for the sport. Everybody has got an opinion in F1. I didn’t think we would sneak away unscathed on that one."

Fans are in store for more changes which shall be unveiled on the eve of the 2018 season and which will be centered around Formula One's new digital platforms, which will include new live-streaming services available in certain markets.

Wait and see...

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