Magnussen sees F1's overtaking pains as circuit dependent


Haas' Kevin Magnussen believes a large part of F1's overtaking issues are linked to specific tracks rather than to car designs.

The opening round of the F1 world championship in Melbourne was marked once again by its lack of overtaking, a state of affairs which has prevailed over the years at the Albert Park venue.

While many point to the design of the current high downforce cars as the culprit for boring races, Magnussen suggests that a few circuit layouts are also to blame.

However, Bahrain next weekend should provide fans with a better spectacle, according to the Dane.

"Bahrain is a much better circuit for overtaking than Australia," Magnussen said.

"I don’t think we’re going to have as many negative comments about a boring race in Bahrain because the track layout is a lot better for racing and overtaking.

"I’m sure we’ll see an exciting Grand Prix."

Magnussen sees limited or less spacious run-off areas as offering a better challenge to a driver's skills, and Sakhir offers just that, and the prospect of some good wheel-to-wheel racing.

"I still prefer to have not so much run-off. It means that you are challenged more and the window for error is narrower.

"Bahrain is a challenging circuit. There are good opportunities for overtaking and close racing."

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