Critical Marko explains why Mercedes voted for 2019 rule change

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Red Bull motorsport boss Helmut Marko voiced once again a critical opinion of Mercedes, explaining the reasons behind the German outfit's recent vote in favour of F1's 2019 rule changes.

Two weeks ago, the F1 Commission passed a series of rule changes for next season, centered around the front and rear wings, in a bid to promote closer racing and help overtaking.

Red Bull's Christian Horner, who was in the camp of those who opposed the changes, labeled the aero modifications as "rushed and immature", while Marko believes Mercedes only cast a favourable because it hopes the rule changes will penalize its Red Bull rival.

"Mercedes wanted the new rules because they're at the end with their aerodynamic concept. They want to start from scratch because it hurts us," he said.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, two teams - Mercedes and Force India - only submitted their electronic 'yes' vote 15 minutes before the deadline.

"Actually we were 60 against it and 40 for it," said team boss Toto Wolff.

"Then we looked at the concept and saw that it made sense. You can't always veto," he added, contradicting Marko's assumptions.

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