Alonso in secret meeting with Ferrari?

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It may just be a case of wishful thinking on the part of Spanish media, but website Diario Gol claims that a secret meeting took place last week in Barcelona between Fernando Alonso and Ferrari.

If the two parties did get together it's likely it wasn't for the purpose of talking about old times.

With Kimi Raikkonen likely bowing out from F1 at the end of this year, speculation is rife about whom the Scuderia will choose to replace the Finn.

Diario Gol contends that Flavio Briatore, who still handles Alonso's affairs, has been pulling as many strings as he can to make a return of the Spaniard to the House of Maranello possible.

However, common sense tells us such a move, while it would be a spectacular coup for Alonso and Briatore, has only a very remote chance of happening.

For starters, Sebastian Vettel certainly wouldn't roll out the red carpet for the Spaniard, as two foxes in the hen house is one too many.

Furthermore, should Vettel nevertheless accept the challenge, Alonso would likely face a pay-cut compared to his current McLaren retainer.

But more importantly, driving for Ferrari would preclude him from branching out into other categories as he aspires to do, not to mention an ongoing Toyota super-season WEC contract which remains to be fulfilled until June 2019.

A Vettel-Alonso red front at the Scuderia would look impressive, but we'll definitely put this one in the 'wishful thinking' folder.

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