New F1 venues must offer the potential for great racing - Carey


Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey says the number one criteria for a new venue to be accepted on the F1 calendar is to guarantee its layout will offer the potential for good racing.

As the sport contemplates adding new races to its expanding schedule in the future, with Miami, Vietnam and Argentina all vying for a slot on the calendar, Formula 1's boss is putting the quality of the spectacle offered to the fans at the forefront of his priorities.

Carey was present in Manila on Monday, as a speaker at the FIA's 6th annual Sport Conference, and explained what F1 is looking for from new venues.

"There are a handful of things that are important for us," said the Libery Media executive.

"First, we want to make sure that it is great for a race. While we build all the things around it, it starts with having a track that provides a great race.

"Today, realistically, there are tracks that probably we need to work on that are not conducive to providing the most exciting best racing. There are some that are fabulous. To start we want a track that will deliver a fabulous exciting race.

"I think second, we want a site that is going to capture the world's imagination. We are in the great cities around the world," he added.

"We use the phrase destination cities, and we are in places where you want, when they [fans] look at it on TV, are excited about it, think it looks spectacular, and really capture people's imagination. And if they go to it it is even more special.

"We want those magical cities and magical countries that really intrigue and fascinate the world."

On the back of Monaco Grand Prix labeled by several drivers as 'boring', and following changes to the technical rules for 2019 to help promote closer racing and overtaking, Carey said F1 was working hard to introduce more unpredictability into the sport in the future.

"Overtaking is clearly an issue, and I think we know the steps we are taking for 2019 with the FIA are not a cure all, they are a step," he said.

"The changes in 2021 will be more significant. We are more broadly addressing the aerodynamics.

"We don't want to lose the aerodynamic aspects that make F1 racing so spectacular, but we do think we need to do things that enable overtaking to be a much more significant part of the sport," he said.

"But it is not the only one. There are a lot of things we have underway that will bring a more competitive balance, more action on track, and in many ways more unpredictability.

"Predictability is not good in sports. You want the unexpected. You want the memorable moments that you didn't see coming. You want the underdog winning. You want those things to happen."

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