Disappointed Berger 'surprised there are still so many F1 fans'


Former F1 driver Gerhard Berger says Liberty Media still has its work cut out for it to improve Grand Prix racing's show.

Berger, who now guides the destiny of Germany's DTM series, considers that much of Liberty's efforts since it took over the sport have been mere distractions.

"What I see are actions aimed at diverting attention," Berger told France's Auto Hebdo.

"Take the ban on grid girls, or the ban on changing the colour of one's helmet. Meanwhile, we fall asleep in front of the TV.

"Liberty Media is trying to make the sport more attractive, but if the show on the track is not good, it is useless," the Austrian added.

"Honestly, I'm surprised there are still so many fans."

A 10-time Grand Prix winner and former Ferrari and McLaren driver, Berger chimed in on the latter's state of affairs and its depressing performance even after switching engine suppliers.

"It's a bit painful for me to see what's going on," he admitted.

"Based on my experience, things do not work this way. Perhaps I'm wrong, but for the moment, progress is slow.

"It's not my business but things are starting to get very complicated," Berger added.

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