Formula One still considering a London Grand Prix - Horner


Red Bull's Christian Horner knows for a fact that The Formula One Group hasn't abandoned the idea of organizing an F1 race on the streets of London in the future.

With one more year to run on its current contract with F1, Silverstone - the historical home of the British Grand Prix - could be on the verge of hosting its penultimate Grand Prix.

The circuits owners are bracing for discussions with the sport's commercial rights holder and hoping for a positive outcome, as are British fans.

Horner is also hoping Silverstone will see its lease extended with F1, but racing on the streets of London would be the next best thing according to the Red Bull Racing boss.

"Silverstone is the home of British motorsport and it is a great track," said Horner.

"It appears as though the owners and Liberty are working closely together and talking more positively about engagement with the fans and what they can do to put on a better show.

"There is a desire within Liberty to see a street race in London and in an ideal world we would be fortunate enough to have both - retain the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and have a street race in London.

"From a personal point of view, Silverstone is the national home for the British Grand Prix," he added.

"It would be great to compliment it with another race on the calendar, even if it wasn't a permanent fixture.

"To have a one-off race in London would be phenomenal. With Liberty, a race in London is realistic."

Horner suggests alternative one-off city venues in the future, to spice up the calendar and bring the sport to the people in relevant markets.

"As we are seeing with their discussions with Miami, they are looking at different types of model for key markets," he said.

"Why not have a race in London one year, a race in Paris one year, and you could come up with great venues.

"Taking Formula One to the people has proved to be extremely popular. Some of the best races that we have on the calendar are street races.

"A European Grand Prix, something like that, if the economics could work for Liberty, it would be fantastic."

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