Pirelli explains 3-color tyre selection and labels for testing

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Pirelli will supply five compounds to F1 teams in testing this year, and the Italian manufacturer has revealed how it will identify its range.

In a bid to promote simplicity - and clarity - this season with regard to tyre selection, Pirelli has reduced the number of available compounds from seven to five, but will distinguish its rubber with just three colors.

The white, yellow and red spectrum will correspond - in that order - to the hard, medium and soft tyres nominated by Pirelli beforehand for every race.

In testing however (which kicks off on February 18 in Barcelona)  teams will have access to all five compounds, denominated C1 (the hardest) to C5 (the softest).

Markings for the hardest and softest compounds shall be caracterised by the absence of a colored rim on the sidewall of the tyre.

"Normally we will only see three colours at every race, so we’re only using three colours at the tests as well," explained Pirelli’s motorsport director Mario Isola.

"But we want to make sure that people can tell the compounds apart. As a result, the very hardest and softest tyres won’t be marked with stripes: only the colours will vary.

"This will be the case for the in-season tests as well."


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