F1 attracting 'real interest' from potential new entrants - Carey

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Formula One CEO Chase Carey says potential new entrants have shown a keen interest in joining the grid if the sport's 2021 regulations make sporting and financial sense.

One of the main targets of Grand Prix racing's revamped rules is to offer a competitive and cost-effective platform that would entice new teams or manufacturers to enter the fray.

Carey claims there is "real interest" from potential candidates to join the ranks of F1 if it is able to "provide a framework that from a competitive and business model perspective is attractive to them".

"It is one of our strategic goals, we want to make the sport more attractive to potential new entrants," said Carey.

"It is certainly a goal in the 2021 regulations. We have got to solidify those regulations to have those discussions.

"We have had, more on the teams side than the engine side, a number of potential new entrants that expressed interest and enthusiasm if we provide a structure that they think enables it to be something they could enter more constructively."

Indeed, Carey underlined the low probability of adding a fifth engine manufacturer to F1's current pool of suppliers.

"I think on the engine suppliers, we have four suppliers today so realistically we’ve got a strong body of engine suppliers. We always want it to be open for more," he added.

"But on the teams side I think there really is interest if we can provide a framework that they feel from a competitive and a business model perspective is attractive to them."

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