Horner says kerb damage in Austria already worth £250,000!


The Red Bull Ring's sausage kerbs have already inflicted damage on the home team's cars worth about £250,000 according to Christian Horner.

Both Red Bull and Mercedes dealt with front wing damage in Friday's first free practice session after various encounters by their drivers with the track limiting markers.

However, it was Renault's Nico Hulkenberg who suffered the most spectacular damage in FP1, the German ripping a massive chunk of his front wing off his car after running wide at Turn 9.

Horner believes the angle at which the sausage kerbs are positioned is to blame for the various breaks.

"It’s been a bit of a challenge," the Red Bull team boss told Sky Sports.

"We’ve got through about three front wings so far, probably about £250,000 worth of damage.

"We’re not alone in that. There is I’m sure, going to be a debate about the angle of these yellow triangles and the way they are.

"They [the drivers] know they’re there. It needs something either more substantial that is a real deterrent because the invitation is there for the drivers to try to use it."

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff was also concerned about the impact of the kerbs.

"I think the most spectacular failure was the Renault," said Wolff.

"The front wing is completely gone but we have broken two flaps, I believe Racing Point has broken a front wing, so we need to do something around the sausage kerbs."

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