Verstappen's orange wave of support: 'The more the better!'


Max Verstappen welcomes his countrymen's overwhelming presence at Spa but insists it doesn't add an extra element of pressure on race day.

The Belgian Grand Prix is akin to a second home race for the Red Bull driver, thanks to the Netherlands' geographic proximity and to the fact that Verstappen was born in Belgium, in Hasselt, thanks to his mother Sophie Kumpen's roots.

The massive orange wave of ardent supporters that line Spa's Kemmel straight appears to increase with each passing year and foretells the success that awaits the organizers of next year's Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort.

Initial reports from Dutch media point to approximately 5 million online applications for tickets to F1's 2020 event, with only 110,000 lucky winners bagging the precious admission to Zandvoort!

Verstappen admits the support he gets from his own personal orange army is "amazing".

"I think over the year I get to meet quite a few but of course it’s amazing to see that, to have such a big following.

"Of course, I think also the colour helps quite a bit. It’s quite easy to spot a Dutch fan around the track."

Does the presence spur him on and give him an extra boost?

"I would say it’s a positive motivation for the weekend because I don’t experience any more pressure through it, because at the end of the day, you always try to do the best you can so it’s not changing for this weekend.

"The more the better, of course.

"They get quite crazy with flares and stuff so I remember once going up the Kemmel straight, it was almost turning orange but yeah…

"It's great to see and of course I’m happy to have such a big following. I hope over the years that it will only become bigger."

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