Haas tipped for yellow livery

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American Haas F1 Team which will be joining the ranks of Grand Prix racing next season is rumored to run its cars in a 'Ferrari yellow' livery, although founder Gene Haas insists his outfit must not be perceived as a 'B-team' for Maranello.

Speculation has emerged through Italian newspaper Gazetta dello Sport in which respected journalist Pino Allievi wrote that although Haas' livery remains a closely guarded secret, his sources indicate that yellow is the color of choice.

Historically, yellow has always figured prominently within the Ferrari heritage, as it is the official color of the town of Modena as well as the color of the Ferrari shield upon which appears a prancing horse.

In the early sixties, the Scuderia entered yellow liveried machines for its Belgian drivers while 'Giallo Modena' has been available for Ferrari owners for about as long as the company has been building cars.

Still, Gene Haas insists his team's close technical partnership with Ferrari will not deter his outfit from building up its own autonomy and identity.

"I want to be clear that we're not going to be a Ferrari 'B-team'," the American entrepreneur said.

"Haas has its own identity and will have its own way of doing things. Notwithstanding that, Ferrari is an important technical partner with whom we are very happy to be working with because it gives us a short cut."

Haas will be aiming for mid-field performance level from the outset in 2016, with the aim of building its foundation and progressively moving up the ladder.

"We intend to grow by degrees. In the first five years in which we race in NASCAR, we were always behind and we know how that feels. But with hard work we began to win. In Formula 1 we are new, the 2016 goal is just to learn."

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