Brawn: Fire and split barrier cause for concern in Grosjean crash

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Formula 1 boss Ross Brawn says Romain Grosjean's fiery crash at the start of the Bahrain GP warrants a "deep investigation".

The Haas driver was incredibly lucky to survive the horrendous impact with the barriers that saw his car's survival cell pierce the Armco, but also escape the raging inferno that followed.

The dramatic crash evidently highlighted the absolutely vital and protective role of F1's halo cockpit safety device which was introduced amid much controversy in 2018.

Brawn admitted to being concerned by the barrier being split by the impact and also by the blaze that followed.

"It's shocking for everyone in F1 to see an accident of that severity," Branw told Sky F1. "We're not used to that, fire being involved as well.

"But I think it's a tribute to the work that the FIA and the teams have done over the years. I think we remember the controversy of the halo when it was introduced. And I have to give credit to Jean Todt, because he insisted that it should come through.

"And I think today, we might be looking at a different situation that we didn't have the halo. And for me, that's what pried and managed to keep the barrier apart, when the car went through it.

"But I'm sure we'll have a deep investigation to understand what we can learn from it. Because seeing a barrier split like that is clearly not what we want to see."

Formula 1's medical staff was immediately on site, thanks in part to the fact that the crash took place early on after the start at Sakhir's third corner.

Brawn praised the swift intervention of the FIA's chief medical delegate Dr. Ian Roberts, medical car driver Alan van der Merwe and the corner's marshals.

"I can't agree more, credit to everyone," added Brawn. "Clear thought, clear purpose. They didn't hesitate. They did exactly what they needed to do today, and you can't fault them.

"And we're proud to have them all. And I think it's very reassuring for the drivers to see that level of professionalism, and that response. And from that respect, I think it was perfect.

"Obviously, we don't want to see an accident like that. But in terms of the response. I can't really think there could have been anything more effectively done."

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