Norris back to normal but felt 'very drained' by Covid-19


Lando Norris is physically "back to normal" after a bout of the coronavirus left the McLaren driver "very drained and tired" earlier this year.

Norris tested positive for COVID-19 while enjoying some time off in Dubai where the 20-year-old subsequently quarantined for two weeks before returning to the UK to continue his preparations for the 2021 season.

Norris, who was one of three drivers to contract the coronavirus this winter along with Charles Leclerc and Pierre Gasly, said at McLaren's team presentation on Monday that he has made a full recovery and feels no long-lasting effects.

"I think luckily for me, Covid wasn’t too bad," he said. "It was a few days or so of initially having no taste, no smell – the normal, really. And then just feeling very drained and tired for a couple of weeks.

"But since then, basically I’m fully recovered, everything back to normal. So I wouldn’t say that really affected me too much."

Norris' self-isolation in Dubai obviously disrupted his training but the young Briton has ramped up his program since.

"I wasn’t allowed outside at all, I didn’t have a window or anything so I just had to do some basic workouts in my room and no cardio or runs and cycles, but just doing what I could in my room," he explained. And that was all.

"Since then it’s kind of been a bit more back to normal at my house here in the UK – on my bike, on my treadmill or whatever, doing the normal stuff like neck training and just getting back in the hang of things. But apart from that I’m very good."

Norris will be in cation today at Silverstone where he'll enjoy a few shake down laps along with teammate Daniel Ricciardo onboard McLaren's new MCL35M.

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