Williams at 'dawn of new era' with Dorilton - Capito


Williams Racing CEO Jöst Capito says Dorilton Capital, the British outfit's new owners, has approached F1 with the mindset and resources that have put the team at "the dawn of a new era".

Dorilton acquired F1's third most successful team from the Williams family last summer, ensuring the outfit's perennity in Grand Prix racing, as well a long-term plan to move it up the grid.

So far, Capito, who has just started his tenure as chief executive, has been "very impressed" by Dorilton.

"They are very good owners with the right mindset and resources and they are very supportive to the team," said the German, speaking at the launch of Williams 2021 challenger.

"We are at the dawn of a new era at Williams.

"Dorilton has invested already a lot since they started and since they got the ownership and they are continuing to do this.

"So if we come up with potential performance improvement measures [that] we can do, we get the full support from Dorilton.

"This is absolutely fantastic. This is much better even than I expected when I accepted the role. It’s very much the areas we will recognise and we will point out where we have a lot of potential to improve."

Capito recognized that turning around Williams' fortunes after a dismal last few seasons is a long haul project, which means that he views 2021 as a "transitional" season.

"I would characterise 2021 as a transitional year for the team where our aim is to close the gap as much as possible," he said.

"However, our resources are already very much focussed on 2022 and the new regulations. This is where we see the opportunity to make the first significant steps in competitiveness for Williams in our new era.

"From there we will build. But we are realistic. There is never a quick fix. What we are developing is a step-by-step, long-term plan to restore this great team to the front end of Formula 1.

"So while we will clearly still be racing as hard as we can in 2021 our focus is already very much on building for the future from 2022 and beyond."

Williams' new FW43B sported a heavily revised livery for its presentation, one which Capito says is inspired by the team's legacy. However, the lack of sponsorship on the car suggests a potentially troubling situation on the commercial side for Williams.

But Capito revealed that new partners will be announced in due time.

"We are very much focussing on developing the brand, positioning the brand this year," he said. "

"We’ve got great partners on board and there are some to come very soon. So you can expect some announcements.

"In general, I think the the new ownership and the strategy we are going forward is already attracting partners, partners that are in contact with us and in negotiations.

"It’s too early to give you something but there will be some announcements soon."

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