Ferrari opted for 'radical change' with SF21 rear end


Ferrari's head of chassis development Enrico Cardile outlined the areas of its SF21 for which it had targeted "radical change", highlighting the car's rear end and its new gearbox and suspension.

Last season's car and power unit combo was so dire that the team simply can't afford to suffer the same fate this season. The latest changes start with a brand new two-tone livery for the SF21 which looks to the future without forgetting the team’s roots and history.

"This season presents us with many challenges and through this livery, visually, we reboot from our past and head into the future," commented team principal Mattia Binotto.

"The rear end is reminiscent of the burgundy red of the very first Ferrari, the 125 S," he pointed out. "But as it moves gradually towards the cockpit area, it transforms into the modern red that we have used in most recent years."

Cardile underlined how much effort and hard work had gone into turning the team's fortunes around.

"When we began the SF21 project, our first task was to identify which area of the car we should focus on in order to achieve a radical change," he said.

"We opted for the rear end, designing a new gearbox and new suspension system. This, in addition to the efforts of our power unit colleagues has led to a much tighter rear end.

"We also looked at the cooling system, increasing the effectiveness of the central radiator and designed the body with more 'downwashing'.

"Aerodynamics was one of the areas affected by the regulation changes aimed at reducing the ability to generate vertical load, in order not to put too great a strain on the tyres.

"That’s why, as we began developing the car’s aerodynamics, we set ourselves two goals: recovering more aerodynamic downforce than was lost through the regulations and reducing drag.

"Because of the regulations less drastic changes were possible at the front end of the car," he acknowledged. "So we developed a new front wing which works in conjunction with a new concept nose, but the chassis itself and the suspension is off last year’s SF1000."

Racing director Laurent Mekies said that the new car together with the addition of Carlos Sainz to the driver line-up alongside Charles Leclerc would put Ferrari back at the front in 2021.

"There’s plenty of positive energy coming from our two drivers," he said. "Over the winter, we have witnessed the two guys getting on very well together and this can only be a good thing for the whole team."

"Carlos has spent a lot of time in the factory and has integrated with the team very quickly," he added.

"As for Charles, he is already perfectly at home with the team. He knows what he wants and is also very aware of the role he has in the team, both in and out of the car."

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