FIA to undertake random 'deeper technical checks' in 2021

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The FIA will undertake "deeper technical checks" on race weekends this year, randomly selecting one team's car for a full strip-down and assessment.

Teams were informed of the new process through a Technical Directive that was sent out last week, but a bulletin published by race stewards ahead of this weekend's Bahrain GP details the procedure.

FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer will "routinely and randomly select one car" at each race with the intention of completing "deeper technical checks of the cars in the championship".

The selected car will be disassembled to allow for "conformity checks and checks of software and systems".

If necessary, additional checks will be carried out on a team's second car, but the procedure will not replace the routine checks conducted by the FIA's technical department at each race.

Any subsequent irregularities that may come to light shall be reported by the technical delegate, while the stewards will be ordered to take "appropriate steps to safeguard any evidence that may be discovered in these technical checks, including impounding and sealing relevant parts and information".

The race stewards' bulletin stated "while this is a new procedure in this championship, it is routinely carried out in other FIA world championships and competitions".

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