Honda discards Verstappen, Perez damaged second engines

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Honda has confirmed that the second engines of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez have been withdrawn from Red Bull's pool of units, which almost guarantees a grid penalty for both drivers in the second half of the season.

In Hungary, Honda initially believed that the engine fitted to Verstappen's damaged car at Silverstone had survived the crash. However, an inspection after qualifying prompted the Japanese manufacturer to replace the unit.

But more engine trauma was in order for Red Bull, with Perez's inadvertent involvement in the first corner mayhem at the Hungaroring leaving the Mexican's car and engine also heavily damaged.

Honda's final assessment of both power units – the second engines in both driver's pool of hardware – decided the manufacturer to discard the engines.

Verstappen will therefore race at Spa with his Hungarian Grand Prix third unit while Perez will also move on to his final engine this weekend.

In all likelihood, both drivers will need to take the pain of a grid penalty at some point when Honda introduces a fourth engine for both Red Bull drivers, a predicament that could prove costly for Verstappen who is battling for the title against Lewis Hamilton.

Asked on Thursday in Spa about the timing and venue of the switch, Verstappen said that Red Bull was still pondering its decision.

"We are looking where, if necessary, we will take a new engine," Verstappen said.

"I can't say anything about that now. We don't know yet."

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