Piero Ferrari: Leclerc would have been very much to Enzo's liking


Piero Ferrari believes the talent of Charles Leclerc would have very much appealed to his legendary father, Enzo Ferrari.

The 76-year-old son of the Commendatore has held various roles with Ferrari and the Scuderia over the decades and remains to this day a prominent shareholder, board member and the vice-chairman of the prestigious Italian automobile manufacturer.

Piero Ferrari was the recipient this week in Rome of the 2021 'Mecenate Dello Sport Award' bestowed upon him by the National Order of journalists, an award that intends to provide recognition to those who, nationally and internationally, have provided an essential contribution to the growth of sport and its universal values.

During the celebration, Piero Ferrari offered a few words on the Scuderia's current contenders, Leclerc and teammate Carlos Sainz.

"Charles is a driver who would have been very much to my father’s liking," said Ferrari, although he dismissed any comparison with the great Gilles Villeneuve, whom Enzo Ferrari famously adored.

"Comparisons with previous drivers are always difficult. But it can certainly be said that Gilles Villeneuve, for example, was a pure instinct driver.

"Charles is completely different – an intelligent guy blessed with incredible talent in every respect, highly focused.

"If we give him the right car, he will give us a lot of pleasure."

On Sainz, Piero Ferrari said: "He is a reliable, fast driver as we have just seen in Russia – with he and Charles, we have a great team".

The Ferrari vice-chairman also fondly remembered seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher and the warm relationship he shared with the German ace.

"I like to remember the moments with Michael away from the race-track," he said. "When he was our guest at home, and we had a quiet glass of red wine together.

"A simple person in the most positive sense – clear, precise, very straightforward."

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