'F1 is the worst it has ever been' - Ecclestone

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Bernie Ecclestone says "Formula One is the worst is has even been" and believes he is "running something that is illegal".

On the morning of the first pre-season test, an exclusive interview with Ecclestone was published by the Daily Mail which saw the F1 promoter heavily criticise the sport and its current set-up.

"I think I can say that I'm a bit of an exception in Formula One today — I have a vested interest," Ecclestone told the Daily Mail. "I want to do what is best for Formula One.

"I don't need the job. I don't need the money. Most of the participants are only thinking about what's good for them in the short term. Long term for most of those people is two or three races. The result is that Formula One is the worst it has ever been. I wouldn't spend my money to take my family to watch a race. No way.

"What's the point when you pretty much know — and the bookmakers know, and they're not stupid — that Lewis Hamilton will probably put the car on pole and more likely than not win the race, and the other Mercedes will be on the podium?"

And Ecclestone says the current way power unit manufacturers can influence customer teams within the F1 Commission to help control the sport has to change.

"This sort of thing is what is commonly known as a cartel. And cartels are illegal. We are running something that is illegal. On top of all that it is anti-competitive."

With Sauber and Force India having already complained to the European Commission regarding F1's structure, Ecclestone said: "The Commission may get involved but we are big boys and we should be able to sort it out ourselves."

And asked what he can do about the situation, with the current structure set to continue until 2020, Ecclestone replied: "I have something in mind.

"I don't get mad, I get even. I've had to take people out and show them a few graves. There's still room there."

Ecclestone also wants to see FIA president Jean Todt to hand over control of F1 to somebody else within the governing body, though admits he doesn't know who.

"Jean, unfortunately, has become a diplomat. He wants everyone to be happy. It's a nice way for a president to think but it doesn't work like that. You can't make everyone happy.

"Jean is doing a very good job for road safety. He makes a big effort. He travels the world meeting people. But his interest in Formula One is purely a result of being president of the FIA and the fact that he is expected to be there for Formula One. He doesn't look to do anything that might destabilise what he really wants to do in the UN.

"He should carry on with the other stuff, but hand over responsibility for Formula One to someone else. I am going to speak to him about it."

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