Domenicali offers outlook on F1's 'incredible' title fight

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Stefano Domenicali says a convergence of unique elements has led to an "incredible" title fight this year between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, and one the F1 boss hopes will go down to "the last corner".

Ahead of next weekend's 16th round in Turkey, Hamilton leads Verstappen in the championship by just 2 points, although the Red Bull driver has won seven races this season compared to the Briton's five victories.

The mano-to-mano duel has fomented several flash points, the latest of which took place at Monza where Hamilton and Verstappen came together and retired on the spot.

More close encounters are expected in the final races of the 2021 season, as F1's protagonists battle for their respective milestones: a record eighth crown for Hamilton and a first championship for Verstappen.

And Domenicali reckons that those unique elements are only adding fuel to each driver's fire.

"I really hope [it goes] to the last corner of the last Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, that would be terrific," Domenicali said in an interview with Sky Sports. "From what I can see, this is a possibility that could happen.

"And I really hope so, for everyone, because what is behind that is an incredible fight between two incredible drivers.

"One [Hamilton] that wants to achieve something that no one has been able to achieve. For Max, it's something unique for him, to be fighting for his first title.

"Then, of course, the teams are under pressure, no mistakes are possible, and then there is reliability that will play another factor."

Fans will obviously rejoice in watching F1's arch-rivals battle it out, and Domenicali believes the best man will win thanks to the strong reliability and incredibly close performance of the Mercedes and Red Bull teams.

"I say it will be the best driver, but we don't have to forget that the teams have to play a big role. Therefore, all the details make a difference," Domenicali noted.

"So that's the beauty, on one side an incredible fight between two fantastic drivers, and the other side, the big tension between two of the most important teams of our competition."

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