Russell: GPDA role 'opened my eyes' to things outside the cockpit

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George Russel says his role this year as a director of the Grand Prix Drivers Association is one he has enjoyed as it has opened his eyes to its impact on the wider world of motorsport.

Russell was nominated a director of the GPDA ahead of the 2021 season following the departure from the sport of Romain Grosjean.

The Mercedes driver officiates alongside fellow director Sebastian Vettel and GPDA chairman Alex Wurz.

The venerable association was originally founded in 1961 and played an important part in improving safety measures in Grand Prix racing, mainly through the efforts of three-time world champion Sir Jackie Stewart.

In its modern guise, the GPDA represents the interests of all F1 drivers on the grid and seeks to improve safety standards in the sport and provisions for drivers and spectators.

Russell says his first year as a director of the GPDA has taught him a lot, including the fact that motorsport is a world in perpetual evolution.

"I'd say I've learned that there's a lot more to it than meets the eye," he said.

"I've learned that you always live and learn from situations and the sport is constantly evolving. It's never enough, if that makes sense. You're always striving for more.

"The safety aspect is the key one, and I think things in recent events, especially [in Saudi Arabia], have been big talking points, but also ways to try and improve the Sporting Regulations to make the racing better."

Russell says he has so far enjoyed his directorship responsibilities and the impact they have on the world of motorsport at large.

"Sometimes there's a very busy period, sometimes there's nothing going on at all, but it all depends on the situation and what is happening in the world of motorsport at the time, and how we can try and improve certain situations," he added.

"But on a personal level, I've really enjoyed the involvement.

"It's opened my eyes to things outside of just trying to go as fast as possible around a racetrack and trying to have a greater good and impact for everybody in motorsport."

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