Domenicali: Late Saturday night start for Las Vegas GP is 'perfect'


Formula 1 chief executive Stefano Domenicali says a late Saturday night start for the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix is the "perfect time and slot" for the future event.

Formula 1 confirmed on Thursday that Grand Prix racing will return to Las Vegas next year, 41 years after its last visit to Sin City where two races were held in the early eighties in the parking lot of the Caesars Palace Hotel .

But this time around the sport returns to the gamble capital of the world with its chips nicely stacked and with the prospect of racing on a proper street circuit that will include a lengthy stretch of Vegas' iconic Strip.

To make the most of its new scintillating event, F1 has opted to break with tradition by racing on a Saturday night, with Domenicali confirming that the November race will start at 10pm local time, which should equate to "lights out" at 7pm in Central Europe.


"I think that is a perfect time and perfect slot for that event in this context," commented Domenicali who said that a traditional 3pm start in Las Vegas would have been "a total mistake".

"That’s the reason why we are flexible," he added. "We are showing that’s the right moment to have the best show in this context. I don’t see any problem on that.

"If you think actually what is, in terms of timing in Europe represented the racing time we have decided, 10pm Saturday night is perfect because also that audience will be connected."

Las Vegas will join Austin and Miami on F1's agenda as the sport leverages its legacy and newfound popularity in the US. According to Domenicali, America's blend of races embody a modern Formula 1.

"We are a sport that needs to make sure that the racing is real," said the Italian.

"But adding real racing in an incredible context is the perfect combination of what Formula 1 stands [for] today.

"It’s emotion, it’s passion, it’s a business, it’s relationships, it’s culture and it’s intensity. And this is the reason why this is the perfect place to be."

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