Aston Martin: Cost cap breach claims 'surprising and upsetting'

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Aston Martin says it is both "surprised" and "upset" by claims that it breached its cost cap in 2021 as the team's budget certification process with the FIA is still ongoing.

While most of the attention last weekend in Singapore centered on Red Bull's alleged significant transgression of its budget cap in 2021, with Mercedes and Ferrari pouring oil on the fire, Aston Martin was also singled out as a potential infractor.

But team boss Mike Krack admitted to being surprised by the allegations as the audit of the Silverstone-based outfit's account is still ongoing.

"It's a process where you give your submission, and then the FIA is analysing this, and comes back with questions," Krack told the media in Singapore. "And this process is still going on.

"So we don't really know what will be the result. There is a discussion going on. We have questions about interpretation, they have questions about interpretation.

"And we were surprised to read our name in this thing. So, let's see. We don't think that we have done anything majorly wrong."

The FIA is expected to release on Wednesday the results of its certification process with F1's ten teams and reveal the name of those teams that have outspent their budget.

Krack said the exchange of information in the past months involved a back and forth of questions and answers related to any items or interpretations that the FIA feels require clarity.

"There were some questions which our financial people were are also answering," he said.

"Honestly, we need to wait what will be the outcome. But we are not stressed about it."

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While not losing sleep over the matter, Krack admitted that rivals making claims against Aston Martin on the eve of a race weekend wasn't ideal.

"It is upsetting," he said. "I think the most important thing is to keep focus on the weekend. When the Thursday or Friday starts like that, it's important not to distract the people.

“And from our point of view, it was good that we were not the only one mentioned, so you guys you concentrated on the other side of the paddock!

"It is unfortunate that these things come out like that, but it's F1."

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